We Sell Black Winter Truffles

TrueTruffle was born as a result of our passion for truffles and love for our land, Spain.

We love truffles. So much so that, for many years, we have been devoted to the search for the freshest black winter truffles available. All our truffles are sourced from organic, natural or sustainable Spanish producers. Perfect truffles, with their unique flavour and aroma.

Our strong relationship with our producers means we have an excellent understanding of where our truffles come from and, for that reason, we guarantee the best fresh seasonal black winter truffle from Spain on the marketplace.

Our Black Truffles in Spain / Services We Offer

Within the truffle world, there are many varieties of truffle, but not all provide the same value to gastronomy. We are proud to supply the finest and most highly regarded truffle of our country, the Spanish Tuber Melanosporum or Black Winter Truffle.

We offer the following Black Winter Truffles:

• Extra Quality (more than 20 grams & perfect shape)
• First Class (more than 20 grams & imperfect shape)
• Second Class (all truffles less than 20 grams)

Our producers select the perfect truffle, according to physical criteria, when they reach their ideal ripeness.

TrueTruffle ships only whole truffles, to preserve their organoleptic qualities. They are transported in insulated packaging. Usually, your shipment will arrive within 24-48 hours.

Our passion and dedication for truffles, along with the care and attention we pay to our customers, are what sets TrueTruffle apart from our competitors.
We personally believe in working with producers face to face to create the best experiences for our clients.

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